Collaboration workshop with Michelle Sirois-Silver.

Collaboration workshop with Michelle Sirois-Silver.  This is phase 2 out of 3 of the collaboration.  I gave my finished piece to my partner to take home with her.  I will finish the rest for myself later.

Yesterday was the last day of the TIGHR Tri-ennial conference.  It was a lot of fun and great to be around people who are always learning.

I spent the morning in Michelle Sirois-Silver’s class on collaboration.  It was a great experience for me, the quintessential spontaneous hooker, to actually go through a planning process before picking up a hook!  The process Michelle uses to teach you to see opportunities for rugmaking really gets the creative juices flowing.  I found I wanted to keep going, even though the class was over.

Some of the ladies decided to do just that – send the planning stages to each other through the mail to take turns working on.  I just thought about my lost rug and the hassles of getting my Sauder pieces down to the US and back, and declined to take part.  I will, however, use this process on my own when I run out of ideas for rug making.

Our noon hour speaker yesterday was Kerry Mason from the University of Victoria.  She spoke about the life and art of Emily Carr.  It was fun and informative. Emily Carr was quite a woman, and I have a new found appreciation of her.

My Photo Stream - 21 of 25 My Photo Stream - 19 of 25 My Photo Stream - 18 of 25There was a Fibre Fest in the afternoon – a time to sell things.  I was tired and hungry, so instead of selling my wall hangings Hubby and I walked up to Sam’s Deli again, where I found more gluten free options.  I had a gluten-free Raspberry Almond Shortbread Cookie.  It hit the spot and we walked back to the Inn in time to relax a bit before going down to the Gala Dinner.

Robert Bateman

A very grainy photo of Dr. Robert Bateman. Next time I’ll wait for my camera to finish focusing!!!

Our Gala Dinner was excellent.  The companionship at the table was great.  Everyone was tired, but happy.  Our guest speaker was Dr. Robert Bateman.  He spoke on creating your own voice through using nature photography to produce works of art.  It was very helpful for me.

Spent time in the evening after the dinner visiting with other rug hookers and viewing some gorgeous rugs!  🙂


My overall summary of the conference?  It’s a bit early to tell, but here are some of my take aways…

  • I met other rug hookers who think like me,
  • I enjoyed meeting them too,
  • I discovered new ideas,
  • I learned to take a broader look at the field of rug hooking,
  • I can survive a conference.  I’m exhausted, but I can do it, especially with my Hubby along to support me.
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