Last Import - 12 of 120 Last Import - 2 of 120Yesterday we slept in and didn’t get up till 8 AM.  By 9 AM we were at Sam’s Deli & Bistro eating breakfast again.  We went back to the Inn before hopping in the car and going for a drive.

Victoria has wonderful scenic drives around the peninsula, and we chose to head to Fisherman’s Wharf and drive next to the seashore on Dallas Drive, over to Oak Bay for lunch.

Last Import - 1 of 9 Last Import - 7 of 9We stopped at a rocky beach that was inundated with very well fed pigeons and seagulls.

Then we headed to the Oak Bay shopping district.  Checked out some art galleries.  I was talking to the owner of one of them and let slip I was in town for a rug hooking conference.  She quickly showed me two fibre pieces I had overlooked, thinking they were watercolours.  Another customer quickly piped up to ask if I knew her friend who was also at the conference.  The name sounded familiar.  Even Victoria is a small place sometimes!

We had lunch at a small hole in the wall cafe called Saffron.  Limited menu items, but great Persian food!  We had a chicken stew with saffron rice.  They also serve gluten free and dairy free food.

Last Import - 17 of 120After that we headed off to Craigdarroch Castle – the old home of Robert and Joan Dunsmuir that is in the process of being restored.  I was taken with all the visual inspiration in the place.  Lots of ideas for rugs and art in general.  We took a couple of hours to finish going through the museum…and ran my iPhone battery down to zilch taking photos.

Spent the evening with friends.   The best way to end our stay here in Victoria.

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