It’s time to look over my business plan to see what’s up next.  Today will be a regroup and refocus day.  I couldn’t sleep last night, so I took the time to go over my plan for the year.  I am almost there, but won’t make my income goal.  I am trying to focus on the positives instead of the negatives.

  • I earned more than last year.
  • I learned more too, thanks to my business mentor.
  • I was able to exhibit more and get more exposure.
  • I was able to reach out within my field and create a larger network of people to share ideas with.

All of that is good, but I need to do better in certain areas…

  • Bookkeeping and my accountant.  I’m hoping Hubby will take this over when he retires.
  • Handling customers and students.  Interpersonal skills.
  • Online sales.  I really need my own sales website instead of using Etsy.  Too many fees associated with using Etsy and too many restrictions.
  • Classes.  I need to bite the bullet and advertise somewhere.

So that’s what I’m thinking about today.  How about the rest of you?  What’s on your plate today?

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