Old clock

Old clock

Well this pause has turned out longer than I thought.  What with the sewer line issue and other things, I’ve been considerably sidetracked from my hooking.

One piece I want to work on is a larger piece with old clockwork gears in it.  I want Hubby to open up an antique clock we have so I can sketch the gears, and then enlarge the sketch for the design.  However that won’t happen for a while. He’s very busy right now with the yard, house, and work.  I might try to get into the clock myself, but I’m afraid of ruining something.  Maybe I should just look at reference photos on the Net or in books.  I prefer to use my own photos or original sketches for my work though.

I have other larger pieces and more medium size pieces to do for fun.  Not sure if they’d sell, and maybe that’s what’s holding me back – thinking everything I make has to sell.  There are benefits to creating just for the sake of creating.  Some artists best works come when they do that.  But still, it’s one thing to know this in your head and another to do it, when you know your supplies and materials for a piece will cost hundreds of dollars.

I did review my 2015 business plan and I’ve managed everything on it and then some. That is good.  Now to gear up for next year!  I am working on my 2016 business plan.

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