Rug hooking supplies and materials.

Rug hooking supplies and materials.

You’d think I’d have this all figured out by now, but no, I keep my prices in my head for the most part.  Especially for supplies.  It’s simple.  I order, and tack on 10%, or so I thought.  Then the bottom fell out of the loonie and I found myself having to tack on 35% by the time I paid shipping, duty/customs, and taxes.  🙁

I have priced a bit higher than most Canadian suppliers because I do not buy in bulk yet, so do not get a wholesale discount.  However, if you are local I think you will find these prices cheaper than buying elsewhere and having items shipped.

I don’t order very often from the US anymore.  But some things you just cannot get elsewhere. If there is enough demand for something, I will see about shipping it in.

So without further ado, here is my supplies price list.  🙂

JLT Studios
Rug Hooking Price List 2015

$15.00 Hooks – palm
$25.00 Hooks – pencil
$20.00 Bent handled scissors
$30.00 No-slip hoops
$5.00/yd. Red Dot tracing fabric
$2.00 Sharpie marker – black
$2.00 ea. Swatches – plain and plaid
$2.50 ea. Swatches – spot dyed
$7.00 Briggs & Little skein of yarn – Atlantic and Heritage – natural
$1.00/yd. Novelty yarns and Sari ribbon – dyed
$35.00/yd. Dorr fabric – white – 60″
$55.00/yd. Primitive linen – 64″
$20.00/yd. Burlap – 60″ (currently just pieces in stock)
$5.00/yd. polyester backing – 60″ (currently just pieces in stock)

If you are in need of anything, email me at <> and I’ll see what I can do! 🙂

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