Today is the day.  The excavators are coming to dig up my sewer and water line and jackhammer out part of the basement. I won’t get much done. But hopefully that job will be finished by tonight. We’ll see.  Off to get up and get ready. Have a great day everyone!


Last Import - 1 of 1 (1)A very bad photo taken quickly out the front door.  They’re still at it 10 hours later.  We will have water and sewer by the time they leave they say.  They also say this has been one of the worst jobs they’ve had in 20 years of experience.  Tomorrow they come back to fill in the hole in the basement floor and the front yard.

I am shuddering thinking of the bill.  But we did get a quote up front, so hopefully it won’t be too far off.  Though they did admit they had to dig out more of the basement than they thought, and that would “cost a few hundred extra”.  Welcome to our house!

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