Today I'm colour planning "Wascana Creek" before I go any further.

Today I’m colour planning “Wascana Creek” before I go any further.

Our boarder moves out today.  She’s been with us 3 1/2 years now.  She’s graduated her program and has a job in another city.  We are happy for her, but we will miss her too.

Also… A big shout out to G&B Sewer Services who replaced our sewer and water lines on Friday and Saturday.  Everything is working just fine guys!  The cement in the basement is dry now. And we are enjoying better water pressure than we had before. These guys really went above and beyond for us, working late Friday evening to make sure we had working water and sewer.  I am very appreciative of their efforts.  They left our property ready to lay brick again, which hubby has partly done.  He’s waiting till spring, when some settling will probably occur, to finish the job.

New narrow front walk.

New narrow front walk.

As for rug hooking.  It’s here. And I’ll get to it maybe today.  I’m making a trip to a local stitching group with supplies, equipment, books, and magazines I want to get rid of.  We’ll see if anyone is interested.  If not, then I’m just going to toss it all.

I also want to make a trip to the post office to mail a box of magazines to someone.  A lot to do in a short time…

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