Last Import - 1 of 1

Wascana Creek foreground.

I did do a bit of colour planning for the foreground of Wascana Creek.  I am leaving the mid-ground and background till a bit later.  I managed to hook a fair bit on the wall hanging last evening.

We had a full day yesterday.  I mailed a lady some old A.T.H.A. magazines I had been storing and not reading.

And I visited a local stitching group with some books, magazines, embroidery hoops, yarn, stitching supplies, needlepoint frame and canvas, and a stitching stand that holds a hoop, freeing up both hands to stitch.  I gave a lot away and sold some.  In the end I donated leftover books and magazines to the library to sell at their book sale.

I inquired about a new knitting group that is not far from me.  I might go pay a visit.  But not before I rip out all the mistakes in the baby blanket I’ve been blithely knitting away on!

Still, right now I want to keep on keeping on with Wascana Creek.  I’m at the stage where I’m excited to see how it turns out. 🙂

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