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Still working away at Wascana Creek.

We have mice!  Ugh!  Traps set.  I’m heading out with Hubby for more weatherstripping for underneath the doors.  Ours, apparently, is not long enough.

We went grocery shopping last night — our big grocery shop for the month of December.  Today I need to spend some time re-packaging food into smaller packets for just the two of us.  Also need to mix up more of my GF flour mix.  It’s basically a kitchen day.

Later… Well that wasn’t much of a review of the week!  Let’s see what I can give my readers. 🙂

Most of the week seemed to be spent dealing with household situations and medical situations.  Everyone’s fine.  Just more appointments and changes in medication.

Hubby’s pay schedule has changed, so we’re trying to adapt to it.  Instead of being paid twice a month it’s now every two weeks.

I had an upholsterer fix my seat cushion on my Mission oak chair.  It’s nice.  A bit firm, but a lot better than sitting on the old thin cushion with the plywood underneath!

I also had my leather walking shoes fixed. 🙂

We made arrangements for the exterminator to come and inspect the house for access points for the mice…and tell us how to get rid of them.  He came this morning.  We have some shopping and hole blocking to do this afternoon.

I am starting to prepare for the upcoming Christmas season.  I was out shopping with a friend and visiting with friends throughout the week.  We’ve been planning December.

I do some charity work through the church.  So I’ve been setting that up, and will be working on it throughout December.

So that’s what’s been happening here.  I’m still working on my hooking, and some knitting as well.   I hope everyone has a great day! 🙂


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