Last Import - 1 of 1

I spent a large chunk of Sunday de-cluttering some old art supplies from a cabinet in the basement.  Hubby and I moved the cabinet and the lamp on it upstairs to the living room.  We now have a cozy reading nook. 🙂

Our next goal is to revamp a hand turned lamp my mom made so it can be used as a reading lamp by my chair in the opposite corner of the living room.

I’ve been listing items online for sale. We’re storing stuff that doesn’t sell online in the basement for a garage sale next spring.  No, we’re not moving.  Just realizing the kids aren’t going to use this stuff.  And we don’t need the extra items anymore.

Slowly, but surely, we are fine tuning our belongings and scaling down from what we had when the children were living at home.

Today I’m hoping:

  • To hook more on Wascana Creek,
  • To work with a friend cutting out sanitary napkin holders for African ladies.  Nurses for Africa will be taking them overseas in April 2016.
  • To start printing out 2015 business receipts.

That’s it!  Hope everyone has a wonderful day! 🙂

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