Last Import - 1 of 1

I love Christmas – the beauty, the giving, and the reason for the season.  BUT sometimes the materialism and the decorating get to be too much for me.  The materialism is a big distraction from enjoying the season through giving to those in true need.  Sometimes I think they are the most overlooked in all the rush to find the perfect gift for someone. This season my heart is with the homeless and the displaced.

Decorating is a physical challenge for me.  I simply am too short to decorate my own house!  Yes, I use chairs.  But we also have 8’6″ ceilings on the main floor. I managed to start decorating yesterday and had some help from Hubby last night.  It will continue throughout the week, until I am satisfied.

Every year we seem to be missing something.  This year we seem to be missing the small star for the top of the small tree.  We ended up making a quick run to Dollarama and for a larger star tree topper last night.  It doesn’t look too bad.

I also managed to email my business finances to my accountant yesterday.  I’m hoping to be ahead on the tax front this year.

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