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My booth at Makers 2015 makerspace at Regent Place Library, Regina, SK, Canada

Hi everyone.  I accomplished a few things this week…

~ I gathered up receipts and sent my ledger into the accountant.  She mentioned having enough information for the business statement.  I decided to take on preparation of that document myself this year.  I need to base it on last year’s document.  I cannot find last year’s tax statements!  They are not where they’re supposed to be.  Must talk to Hubby and see if he knows where they are.

~ I casually mentioned Friday was International Rug Hooking Day when Hubby and I were out to tea one evening.  He mentioned the local library was hosting a makerspace on Friday.  Well, one thing led to another and next thing I knew I was offered a spot at Makers 2015 for Friday.  I had a great time with great people!  AND I’ve been invited back for today.  I’m slightly more prepared for the onslaught of children and young adults.  I’ll be taking more hoops and smaller patterns for them to hook.

~ I also hooked more on Wascana Creek.  I’d include a photo, but it is at the library right now.

Later… I had many visitors to my booth today, both young and old.  At one point I had five people hooking rug, and I ran out of hoops.  The fifth lady decided to try hooking without a frame!  Mostly though, there were three or four people from 1 PM through to 4 PM.   It was busy!  Lots of demonstrating.  Not a lot was done on Wascana Creek! 🙂

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