Last Import - 1 of 1

Today what works for me is taking the day off to plan Christmas!  Last evening Hubby and I did NOT go shopping as planned.  He was late getting home from work, so instead we worked picking up around the house, re-organizing, and finishing off decorating for Christmas.  I now have a garage sale pile growing nicely in the basement, clear countertops, and an cleared out entryway and living room.

Which is good, because last evening some friends dropped by with a couple boxes of gifts for a bunch of us to open Christmas Day.  We have six of us here for the afternoon/evening on Christmas Day.

That motivated me.  I spent part of the evening wrapping gifts and writing Christmas letters.

I did work a wee bit on Wascana Creek yesterday.  The sky is a little closer to being finished.  But it probably won’t be done this week.  Too much Christmas going on right now, and I love it!  We have company stopping by today and we’re going to plan some fun things to do over Christmas, as well as a menu for the event.

Hope everyone is enjoying the season! Have a great day! 🙂

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