Last Import - 1 of 1

Hubby informed me today that he took some cards from my greeting cards to use for Christmas cards.  He wanted to know how much he had to pay me for them.  I was going to tell him to take them and I’ll just call them personal use.  But he took quite a few, and I’m out-of-pocket personally for the amount.  So he’s going to pay me.

But that all led to the question of how many cards we’ve been using for personal use.  So I took a quick inventory today and discovered not as many as I thought.  I will double check against how many were originally printed tomorrow.

Today was a busy day with appointments and Christmas planning.  We did another grocery run tonight.

I also spent time working on sewing reusable sanitary napkins for African women which are delivered by Canadian Nurses for Africa.  But more on that tomorrow… 🙂



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