I’ve knit a bit more (about four rows) on the Cellular Baby Blanket.  Wish I could remember which knitting book that pattern is from!  It had lots of neat patterns to knit out of cotton for babies and toddlers.

I couldn’t sleep one night.  All my other projects were downstairs, so I cracked open the rhododendron needlepoint kit from Dimensions and decided to start it.  Well, I taped the edges. I organized the yarns last night, or tried to.  The last needlepoint I did was over 35 years ago.  I think I’ll have to look at the colours in daylight to make sure I have them in the correct spot.  From what I can see, one colour is missing in the kit.  But I have lots of leftover yarn from a friend that will probably have something that will work.

Well I’ve been working hard on The Barn and will report on it in a separate post tomorrow.  Other than that, though, I haven’t done much else.


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