“The Barn” – 23″x16″ – $365 CAD

As you can see I’ve finished The Barn.  Hooked in #6 wide wool strips, hand torn silk fabric, silk sari yarn, and various types of wool yarn on primitive linen backing.  23″ x 16″.  $365 CAD.

The story behind this barn?  We were on vacation in Southern Saskatchewan and decided to stay just outside Grasslands National Park.  My plan was to do some plein air hooking while there.  Unfortunately the mosquitoes were so bad all we could do was hunker down inside or under cover of serious bug jackets.  It’s pretty hard to hook wearing a full bug jacket, so I was reduced to hooking the scene looking out my second story window.

It turned out to be an okay thing.  Hubby worked on writing his book, while I hooked a small scene.  Eventually, when we came home, the small scene evolved into a larger scene.

The barn itself, was very small as barn’s go.  It used to house a stable plus farm equipment.  It has since been turned into a picnic shelter for visiting tourists. 

We had a wonderful time on our vacation, despite the mosquitoes, and would recommend Grasslands to people, outside of mosquito season.

The Barn Study

“The Barn – Study”

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