Awaiting new hang tags

Hmm…I actually gave most of my weekly review yesterday.

I did manage to finish photographing all my wall hangings…at least the 6″ square ones.  I notice I have to replace hang tags on some of them.  Then it’s into zippered plastic bags they go to protect them from little fingers at the Street Fair.  Seems there’s always lots of ice-cream and ketchup at the Street Fair!  And rightly so.  What would a street fair be without hot dogs and ice-cream?

I also posted 25 draft listings to Etsy.  They will go live after the Street Fair.  And, fair warning, I will be shutting down the option to buy from this site after the Street Fair.  I am streamlining things so I don’t have two people trying to buy the same item at the same time on two different platforms.  So if you are interested in purchasing any of my work, please go to my Etsy shop, JLT Studios.

An update on my rug hooking class for the two students I tutor.  Apparently they both were busy as little beavers and worked until they ran out of fiber.  They came back this week all excited, asking for more fiber to finish their pieces.  So I gave them some.  They wanted all fresh new cut wool.  No worms!  What a hoot.  I cut it for them while they worked on another project.


Ready to go!

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