WIP African Dream 4 - 1

I managed to sort through most of my business email account.   Only 300 emails left to go! 🙂

I hooked a bit on African Dream.  And knit on the cellular baby blanket.

I did not post any wall hangings to Etsy.  I decided to wait. One of the courses I want to take is an intermediate WordPress website development course.  It will teach me how to create a shopping cart for a new WordPress.org website.  To post on Etsy costs 20 cents for each item for a 3 month listing.  Plus they charge a fee when you sell an item.

I’ve cut the online courses from four to three.  I switched from the beginner website development course to the intermediate website development course, based on the advice of the instructor.  It won’t start until July.  Meanwhile I am taking a course on publishing e-books, a course on communication, and a course on teaching writing to the K-3 crowd.

I’ve also been visiting with friends and chatting with family via phone.  We have an upcoming vacation to plan. 🙂

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