GF pancakes - 2

I have this Hubby who loves pancakes.  So much so that he learned to make his own.  Today I wrangled the recipe from him (okay, I asked nicely and he gave it to me).  I make mine gluten free using my gluten free flour mix.  And I use almond milk to replace regular milk.  But the amounts remain the same.

I don’t know about you, but we like to serve pancakes with a little decadence around here.  We top them off with fresh fruit/berries and 100% Canadian maple syrup. Nothing like the real thing! 🙂

So here you go…

Hubby’s Pancakes
Makes 9  3″ pancakes

1 c. flour (regular or GF)
3 tsp. baking powder
1/8 tsp. salt
1 egg, beaten
1 c. almond milk
1 tbsp. canola oil
Can add up to 1/4 c. of the following:
nuts (ground)
sunflower seeds
pumpkin seeds (ground)
flax seed (ground or whole)
quinoa flakes
frozen blueberries (can add up to 1/2 c.)
corn (can add up to 1/2 c.)

Mix dry ingredients together.  Mix wet ingredients together.  Add wet to dry and mix thoroughly.  Cook in a skillet with lots of canola oil.  Cook on medium to medium low for 2 minutes on each side, or until bubbles start to form on top.  Then flip and cook for another 2 minutes.  Adjust heat if taking too long or burning before bubbles show on top.

Serve with berries and maple syrup…Yum!  We sometimes add a fried egg to this breakfast.  And, for the really hungry, we add sausages or bacon.  Enjoy! 🙂

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