In my studio Aug 8 2016

I’ve finally caught up on my Gale courses from vacation!  Whew!  Now it’s time to focus more on hooking African Dream.  I can smell the end and I’m excited.

I’m trying a new way of hooking.  My frame holds the backing taut with gripper strips – strips of rubber with fine sharp tack like protrusions all over them.  They grab at my shirts and put holes in them.  The frame did come with a ‘sleeve’ to put over them, but I find it awkward to hook that way.  The sleeve covers too much of the design for my liking.  I could sew another one that leaves more space for hooking, but I’m thinking a simpler fix might be to wear a canvas apron when I hook.  The ‘tacks’ on the gripper strip don’t catch so easily on canvas.  But it sure does a number to my fine knit t-shirts!  Here’s to happy hooking and not having to buy an entire new wardrobe of t-shirts every season! 🙂

My goals this week?

  • Hook on African Dream,
  • Work on my website development course,
  • Sort through work email (I’m down from over 1000 to just around 250),
  • Knit on the cellular baby blanket,
  • see what else I can do to shake me out of my artistic rut!
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