Busy cleaning up my studio today.  I have to do it occasionally or it gets too overwhelming to even go in, let alone work in.  Time to organize and toss a few things.

One of the things about cleaning up is you find things you forgot you had!  Here are a few items that inspire me lately. 🙂

Shuttleworks fibre

Fibre I bought at Shuttleworks – 30% and 50% off are hard to beat!

In my studio Aug 8 2016

My very messy studio that needs cleaning up!

Fibre to dye

Fibre for dyeing.  I may sell some of this.  I seem to have a lot for my needs at the moment.

dyed fibre for kits

Coloured fibre for my 6″ star wall hangings.  These could be up for sale in a bit too.

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