Today is inspiration of a different kind.  You know I said I’m working on decluttering and cleaning out my sewing room.  Well here’s a few photos to show you how far I was by this morning.

It isn’t pretty yet, but it’s getting there.  And the landing outside the room is overflowing with stuff to leave the house.  I am actually working on emptying this big wall unit to make way for more units with doors, like the one to the right of it, that will be easier to move. Then I will be  moving my rug hooking studio upstairs.  At least that’s the current plan.

To make me feel better about the process I’ve been listing things online for sale, and have actually sold some things! I also have a bag for Community Living – an organization that helps people with mental health – and a bag for the Salvation Army Thrift Store.  I’m also setting aside craft supplies for a local Art Exchange and a sewing/stitching/quilting group I know about.



An empty design wall! 🙂


The cupboard doors closed.  The drum carder in a new, more convenient location.  And empty shelves above! 🙂


This is the large storage unit I’m working on now.  It’s 8′ long x 7′ high.  I decided to keep the yarn above and the one striped  box so far.  Still have to work on the left side and the area under the light.


I am slowly working my way around the room to the bookcase.  I’ve already decluttered and sorted magazines, and I’ve moved most of my binders over here.  The drawer units are full of scrapbooking supplies I never have time to use.


Working on this still. Mostly getting like with like.  I am hoping to sort through the fabric (some 30 years old!) and hang what I want to keep in the closet on tiered pants hangers.


Still lots of rod space for hanging fabric. 

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