Well I haven’t pull a single loop on African Dream.  Or knit a single stitch on the Cellular Baby Blanket.  But I’ve been working like crazy in the sewing/craft room re-organizing and consolidating and tossing things.  Here’s today’s results…so far…


There used to be two of these units, but I consolidated into one.


A friend pulled the yarn down off the top of the cabinet.  I moved goods from mismatched containers into the Martha Stewart bins.



I moved the serger thread from a large hard to handle bin to two smaller ones.  Here they are with the bin of stabilizers.


I cleaned up the pegboard a bit.  Still some more to go.


I removed the painting supplies from the top of the cabinet and put them inside. Now my circular knit needles are up there.


I put the paint brushes back on the low scrapbook cabinets because they are easier to get in and out of the container.


The bookcase still needs work. The tall scrapbook cabinet looks better with less on top.


Some of the empty storage containers to leave the room.

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