Well, no hooking and no knitting.  But lots of re-organizing and getting rid of stuff in the sewing room.  Still working on it though!  Have another page long list of things to do!  I’m into organizing, sorting, and purging paper now, which is very time consuming.   Check out the new photos!


Notice the mostly clear design wall. 🙂


I put infrequently used items on the top shelf.  I sorted through the ironing and got rid of things I don’t wear.  I cleaned the extra empty storage out of the 4 bin unit.  I’m leaving the gift wrap supplies to go through with Hubby.


I condensed beading and craft sale supplies in this tall cabinet into two bins from four.  I still haven’t touched my pile of fabric on the bottom shelves.


I moved my spinning fibre and fibre that needs carding under the drum carder.  Makes sense.


I sorted through two banker’s boxes of scrapbooking material and condensed it down to one.  I moved my infrequently used ESL material into the second banker’s box.


I condensed my sewing supplies from two of these plastic hardware drawer units to one.


Inside the small cabinet.  I removed the ESL material to file more binders with material for scrapbooking. The binders wouldn’t fit in the banker’s boxes.  Otherwise they’d be there.  These binders are set to go with all page information and ephemera in them.  I’ve also managed to get all the painting supplies in there on one shelf…with room to spare!


I’ve decluttered and sorted magazines.  I actually have little use for magazines.  I’ve been getting rid of them for a while now.



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