So here I am in Designer Shoe Warehouse, after stopping by Marshall’s for some tiered pant hangers for my fabric yardage. Our ex-boarder is in town and we’re shopping. She wants shoes. I saw a whole warehouse of shoes and had to ask. “Do you have any EE?”  The answer?  No!  The story of my life. But I have ample time to post while the ex-boarder shops. 

I did hook more on African Dream.  In fact I finished it…I thought.  Then I didn’t like the irregular shape. So I’m going back and straightening it up. 

I also worked more on my sewing room. Mostly rearranging things at this point. It’s looking better. 

I’ve been swamped with shopping for insurance. Two brokers in two days, and another tonight. Possibly a fourth tomorrow. We’ll see.  

Lots happening right now. Five work days after today and Hubby has his last day of work. But who’s counting. ?

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