Our house cleaner did not come today as planned due to illness.  So we are making the most of the day here.  Laundry, meal planning, picking up sunroom and studio, finally putting away bedding now company is gone, and possibly hanging new rugs on the walls.

We’ve been enjoying some nice long walks outside the last couple of days also.  Today I’m loving looking out my window at the trees and shrubs turning beautiful shades of gold, yellow, orange, and red.  Later we’ll go on another walk to run errands.

For now…enjoy these photos…


The neighbours.


Just turning colour.


An errant Manitoba Maple sapling.  A “honey do” job for Hubby.


And the Scarlet Runner Bean is flowering again!


The ash tree turned colour last week.  They are the last to leaf out in spring and the first to turn colour and drop leaves in the fall.


View over our garage…ignore the garage. 

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