A leisurely day spreading out before us on our road trip. Visiting family for a few days.  I plan on going on a walk today. It’s a bit cool here, so we’ll wait till it warms up.

We were in Calgary yesterday and able to accomplish two errands. I was so happy. Hubby’s cord and adapter for his laptop died. We couldn’t find a replacement in Regina. But we found one at Memory Express in Calgary!

On a whim I had thrown in my Derek Alexander purse to be fixed. I had problems with their website. I’d phoned before and only got the answering machine.  I checked Google Maps and found their store was just three blocks from Memory Express!  So I took it over and dropped it off for repairs.  They said they’d fix it up and ship it back to me. So happy.  I’ve used and loved that purse for almost ten years.

We’ll I think it’s time to get onto eating breakfast.  Hope everyone has a great day!

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