Today is a different kind of inspiration.

I went through my magazine baskets (yes, that’s plural) by my big chair in the living room and turned up some old business journals with notes from past years.  One had considerable room in it, so I pulled it out for note taking related to my new website.

On doing so, I looked at the cover and realized, yep, design ideas come from everywhere.  I love the leaf pattern in the background of the butterflies.  Some day…

I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I also save or photograph the designs on facial tissue boxes.  There are some cool design elements there too.


The other thing I do to find designs is look through the pretty coffee table picture books of nature and landscapes, or whatever takes my fancy really.  Sometimes if I find a scene I love, I’ll make a photocopy to add to my sketchbook for later adaptation as a hooked wall hanging.

And of course in the modern age I browse Pinterest and pin any interesting design and color ideas to my Pinterest boards.

Design is all around us.  If we are open to it and really see it for its worth, then we can go on to create beautiful original pieces of work.

Where do you find design and inspiration?  Post in the comments below to share your inspiration. 🙂

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