I did not do well on my goals and plans for this week.  We have been busy with Christmas planning, shopping, and events.

We went in to discuss renewing house insurance with a new broker at the insurance agency we deal with, and they wanted us to buy commercial insurance for my business on top of the house insurance.  They also wanted to sell it at an outrageous price.  We left disgusted.

I put in some phone calls to other home businesses and found out they were paying much less.  I gathered a few names to shop around and we’ll be doing that next week.  Seems this fall we’ve been really hammered with insurance issues and trying to rejig things to our advantage.  It’s taken up a lot of my time.

I did see a new accountant and was pleased with what I heard.  My books are basically done for the year.  But I’ll have to add December’s figures and find the last few receipts.  I don’t know where they got to!

I did work on my website, but I did not upload any more products.  I spent time sorting out the comments sections and the blog portion. I’m slowly putting my photos into the featured photo part of the blog post.  It’s slow going as I have to go into each post and do it manually, one at a time…  I will not be doing this for all the blog posts going back five years.  But I will do it for a few months of posts at least.  Just know that if it’s in the blog excerpts, it probably has a photo in the post, even though it doesn’t show in the blog excerpt form.


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