Wall hangings

Look at what Hubby did for me yesterday?  He hung some more wall hangings on my living room ‘gallery’ walls.  They look good there.  He’s already plotting what else needs to go up on the walls.

It was a busy weekend this past weekend.  Saturday I spent uploading product to the website.  Saturday evening we attended Scenes of Wonder at a local church.  The “scenes” are a variety of nativity sets from across the city that are put on display for three days: Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  We went and I took a lot of photos you’ll be seeing between now and Christmas.

Sunday was International Rug Hooking Day.  I spent the afternoon chatting with Maggie Bathory from Aspen Rug Hooking.  We had a lot to share about setting up and running online businesses.

It’s a busy week this week as well, with company and various Christmas events.  We have two sets of overnight company coming and a Christmas open house at our local library.  We plan to see the Holiday Train as it comes into town, and take company to see Scenes of Wonder.  Hubby wants to attend as many library open houses this year as he can.  It could get busy…there are nine libraries.

I’m hoping to find time to upload more products on the website this week.  I would also like to just relax and do some hooking.

Dancing Tree

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