It feels like spring outside. We’re finally warming up…for the time being at least. It’s only -13 Celsius.

Last week and over the weekend I managed to post 99% of the plaid and check swatches on the website. Check them out!

I also found out the iPhone version of my so called responsive theme wasn’t very good. I fixed the menu so it reads better for people…at least it does on my iPhone. Please let me know if anything else is amiss.

I was also distracted by my new laptop. I am still transferring data over from the old laptop. The photos are taking a long time.

This week, due to the nice weather, I plan to reconnect with various fiber groups here in town. I won’t be able to attend every week, but it’s nice to have a place to go occasionally to talk to like minded people.

The plan is also to hook more on “Moss”.

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