We’re trying to figure out new solutions to old problems here.  My seven year old MacBook Pro laptop is about to go.  The battery is taking longer to recharge, is quicker to discharge, and is not always recharging the full amount.  On top of that my hard drive is full.

I’ve tried to alleviate the hard drive issue by purchasing a 4 TB external hard drive.  That has worked semi okay.  I am in the process of transferring files to it and taking them off my laptop.  Not sure what the total result will be there.  I am debating whether to replace my laptop with a desktop iMac or another smaller and simpler version of a MacBook.  I have several issues.  I need to be able to:

  • Read an SD card from a DSLR camera,
  • Do sophisticated photo editing,
  • Be able to connect to a DVD drive (portable or otherwise),
  • Afford it,
  • Consider portability.

The current MacBooks, while light, are expensive and do not have SD card readers attached to them, or DVD drives anymore.  But they are portable, unless you need to attach those peripherals to them.  Then they have to be on a desk somewhere.  Kills the portability.  However, the iPad I’m currently typing this post on is just as portable, if not more so.

I am not a Cloud fan and will not knowingly store data on the Cloud for photo editing or other purposes.  I just think Apple and other computer companies have no need to have access to my data or store it. I prefer to do that myself thank-you.  So, I am left with some cumbersome options, or expensive options.  An iMac or another MacBook Pro with peripherals.

So I’m thinking of buying an iMac.   It’s not portable, but it’s more affordable than the MacBook Pro.  Honestly, I cannot justify spending over $3000 on a laptop that doesn’t have all the features I need built in.  Having a dedicated desktop setup  and using this iPad for portability might be my ticket.  I just have to make sure I can post a blog post, complete with photo from my  iPad.

So above is the new keyboard for my iPad that is making this post possible.  Let’s try another.  A photo of the Legislature on a recent walk.

Hmm…a cursory glance at it tells me it’s okay.

So my question for the day is:

Have any of you encountered these kinds of technology issues and how did you solve them?

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