Hi everyone! The house did not sell during this summer. We are disappointed, but being realistic. We knew this was a possibility when we listed. The housing market in Regina has been very slow.

As a result Hubby and I are looking at taking the house off the market and doing a few renovations this winter. We have a short list and a longer list, based on priority and how long we plan to stay here. We are actually contemplating not moving at all. Rather, use the money we’d spend on moving on visiting our daughters and family down east annually. The decision, ultimately, will be made by our health.

At any rate, if the house does not sell by the end of the month we will be pulling it off the market, and pulling our stuff out of storage.

At that point my online store will be open for business!

I encourage people to call me after November 1st if you want anything from the shop. I do have supplies not listed online in the shop. Use the contact me form on the contact page to inquire.

Have a great week everyone!

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