We’ve been traveling the Maritimes the last week and will be for another while. Really enjoying the nice weather, beautiful fall scenery, and the wonderful fresh local produce.

We enjoyed some time in Moncton area. Met up with rug hooker Gwen Dixon at the Moncton Market. It was great meeting you Gwen! I love the colours in Gwen’s work.

We had the opportunity to walk some trails in the woods on around Riverview, outside Moncton.

We also checked out The Homestead Restaurant for a wonderful meal of local fare.

Family took us to see the Irving Memorial Chapel and the Bouctouche sand dune. We also drove around the Jean Irving Plantation. An amazing variety of trees!

Mostly we spent time catching up with family.

Same as in Halifax. We made a mad dash to to that fair city on a Sunday afternoon. We only stopped briefly at the very overcrowded and understaffed Masstown Market. The grapenut ice-cream made up for it though. And the cheese bagels and fresh local produce.

We took our daughters on a trip out the South Shore, Bridgewater way. Stopped at Peggy’s Cove, the Hooked Rug Museum of Nova Scotia, and Lunenburg along the way. Family deserted me for the beach when we got to the museum! I had a great chat with Linda, the volunteer that day.

I bought a lovely Lollipop Flowers rug made by a lady in Ontario. Thank-you!

Part of the purpose of our trip is to check out various places and neighbourhoods to see where we might like to live. We checked in with a realtor the other day and spent over an hour discussing the situation. It’s going to be a busy winter.

I found an old rug of mine on my daughter’s kitchen floor, sadly in need of new whipping on the edges. It’s now in my possession. I spent time today cleaning it and stripping the old whipping off it. We were also to Atlantic Fabrics to purchase some Briggs & Little Heritage yarn to refinish it. I spent time winding it into a ball.

It’s been pretty busy so far. Hubby wants to sightsee tomorrow. I’m ready for some rest and really want to work on whipping this rug. We’ll see what actually transpires!

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