Our new home

We’re finally in our new home! We had hoped to do renovations before moving in, but Covid-19 put a stop to that. For now we’ll have to make do. Hubby and I have been busy unpacking.

The move was eventful, as always. Our moves have never been easy. Last week Thursday Hubby tripped off the outside concrete steps at the landlady’s, carrying Rubbermaid bins to the car to make a trip out to our house. The result was a severely sprained ankle. We postponed the Friday move to Monday. Instead we made a trip to the ER in our new community where Hubby had x-rays and was seen by a doctor. He’s now sporting a walking cast and crutches.

Thankfully it was his left foot. There were a few tense moments as we decided if he could drive the moving truck or not. He did a test drive on Sunday and fared okay. So Monday the move was on!

We had a couple of helpers from the people we’ve been in quarantine with, and our son-in-law, who wore a mask the entire time. I confined myself to the kitchen and providing food for the crew…lots of homemade pizza! Hubby says he didn’t get a piece of the second pizza. I’ll have to make pizza later this week.

Since we moved in it snowed all day yesterday. That is probably a good thing because the yard needs serious work. Also because we have more than enough to do indoors. I’m hoping the snow all melts today so I can rake leaves by tomorrow. We’ll see. Hubby is insisting he rake leaves! Me? I’ll still have plenty to do. I want to have the deck power washed and re-painted before planting a container garden.

The beginnings of a garden. Yes, I know it’s late to start some of these, and I really am going to plant some squashes in containers. 😊 We’ll see what produces. Right now I’m having problem finding decent soil and getting it from point A to our house, thanks to Covid-19!

Today I am going to venture down to my studio and see what I can do down there. It’s full of boxes. Someone has ordered a pattern which I’ve never done before, and I’d like to get it out to them in two weeks. That means getting into boxes of fibre before my studio furniture arrives. Could get to be an interesting mess! First order of business will be to set up a table to work on.

I’m hoping to post more frequently on my blog now we’ve moved. Keep an eye out for more content!

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