It’s been overcast and rainy, interspersed with the odd sunny day since I last posted to the blog. During the sunny days I’ve been working in the yard. On the rainy days I’ve been working on organizing the house and my studio.

I’ve also been designing my first rug hooking kit to send away. It’s an attempt at “The Wind”. I’ve been in business eight years now and have shied away from doing kits. That is primarily because a lot of the fibre I use is “as is” textures from the 1960s – 1970s which I purchased from my rug hooking teacher. I just can’t find them anymore, especially the plaids.

So today I’ve been trying to replicate a plaid, or come close to it, with a spot dye. It’s drying now. I tried to use a painting on wool technique earlier, but it did not work. However it did result in a gorgeous green/gold piece of wool! It’s a one-of-a-kind piece of wool. I have a lot of those…

Another reason I shy away from designing kits is because I paint with wool strips, one strip and colour at a time. I work with values a lot. It would be very difficult for another person to duplicate my work. It just isn’t doable, even if they had the same textures. So whatever kit I prepare is going to look slightly different than the original.

Yesterday I was busy dyeing tree trunks – gradated spot dye with Majic Carpet chocolate brown and black. I think it’s a bit on the dark side, but the darker values can be used for backgrounds. The three lighter shades will go in the kit for the tree trunk. However, they are not the exact same colour as the original tree trunk. The dye formula has gone missing in the move.

I’m enjoying getting back into dyeing and handling fibre again. I love colour and creating with it. I hope the recipient of the kit is happy with it and the end result.

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