It’s been busy in my studio! Charlie and I put together more IKEA Besta storage last weekend. This time it was a console storage and a freestanding unit. I unpacked and sorted sewing and quilting supplies before packing them in bins and putting them on the shelves in the storage units.

We found bins, with lids, at Dollarama for $4 each. There is only one catch – the bins don’t fit in Besta with their lids on. No problem. I’m leaving the lids off. I’ll store them elsewhere and keep them handy for when I want to travel with the bins to workshops or elsewhere.

Charlie installed new light fixtures in the studio and they are great! They are adjustable LED lights. I have them set halfway between yellow and daylight. The daylight setting is very bright. I decided to go for something easier on the eyes, and use adjustable task lighting when I need to see colours accurately. I’m planning on purchasing an adjustable OTT light for each work station.

The new LED overhead lights were $19.99 at Home Depot, with a $7 rebate from our provincial government, making them $12.99 each. That price is hard to beat! The government is trying to encourage energy efficiency. They improve the lighting in the studio immensely.

I‘ve unpacked a lot of boxes this past week. We have one bedroom downstairs I call The Pink Room, because, well, it’s very pink! We’ve been tossing all the empty boxes, things we want to get rid of, and things that will eventually live in that room, in there. The boxes were piled pretty high – up to my neck – and in some areas, higher. Charlie went in and worked hard over the course of a few days. He managed to knock them down so we can see the floor again.

We put together a new kitchen table and repurposed the old as a cutting table. I have a small portable ironing board I use on the cutting table for my ironing station.

We made a couple of trips to IKEA to purchase some more furniture and home decor items. They opened their doors again last Monday. We picked up a small table to finish my work area. Plus a small filing cabinet on casters, and various end tables and coffee tables that will accommodate storage. We won’t be putting those together until we have a very old pellet stove removed and the rest of the room painted.

That’s it for the studio update. If you want the video version, check out: I can’t wait to get in there and start creating!

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