Good evening everyone! 🙂 We are in the full swing of Christmas here. Friday night we were at a friend’s place, decorating, enjoying a wonderful lasagna, and playing games.

Saturday we were out for a walk and I was thinking about Christmas cards and gifts. We also got into the last of the Christmas baking – a lemon tea loaf I had in the freezer. I’m not baking anything else till just before Christmas, if then. Hubby and I just like it entirely too much!

Sunday I made a decision. I wrapped a few last minute gifts and mailed a few last minute greeting cards. Yes, I still mail greeting cards. They are ones I’ve had made of my wall hangings. People are so surprised to get them. I like the process of picking a certain design for a certain person, writing the card, and mailing it.

Sunday Hubby mentioned I hadn’t been doing any hooking lately. He’s correct. I’ve been busy with other things. However he’s after a particular wall hanging to go over our electric fireplace after New Year’s. It won’t be ready then, even if I hooked straight through from now to then. I am taking a bit of a break.

During this break I am busy continuing to downsize. I am sorting through items my children might want to give to them.

Today we were at one daughter’s to deliver her Christmas gift. She is working most of Christmas. Then our second daughter dropped by our place for her gift. She, too, is working Christmas. It will be a quiet Christmas, though there are tentative plans to make Zoom calls. But I have a feeling Zoom will be overwhelmed. We’ll see. We may have to make do with a phone call.

Well, that’s it from here. I still have all the sewing, quilting and rug hooking to do…probably after Christmas. Have a great week everyone!

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