I like my colours bright…bright and clear. I find myself directly at odds with the colours used in the primitive style of rug hooking.  As a result I do not buy or use formulas aimed at primitive rug hooking.  In fact, most other rug hooking styles would find my colours bright.

I used to live on the Canadian prairies, where the sun and the light is intense and the colours are bright.  That shows up in my work.   A lot of times I dye fibre with pure colour, just to see what it will do.  Here is an example of that.

The dye formula is simple: 1/64tsp. of Majic Carpet yellow over 8 – 3.5”x 12” gradated swatches.

How did I use this fibre? Sunsets, sunflowers, flowers in general, prairie scenes.

So here’s to yellow…one of my favourite colours! Well, okay, so most colours are my favourite. 😊 But I have found this pure yellow very useful.

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