Good morning everyone!  We’re are now going full throttle into kitchen renovations.  It’s almost time to move my rug hooking.

Friday we went to IKEA to find there was only one of the fridges we wanted left and one of the stoves. We bought them. Thankfully there were thirteen of the dishwashers we wanted. We bought one. Everything will be delivered Friday. Hubby is buying half sheets of plywood from the hardware store a few blocks from home and carrying them home to protect our living room engineered hardwood floor. That’s where the new appliances will sit until the renovation is finished.

Yesterday I received a call from a lady interested in purchasing my old fridge, stove and microwave. We arranged for her to look, the price and to pick up.

Yesterday we also went looking for a microwave for the new kitchen. I’m short and I want a countertop model.  We went to Best Buy in the end, and had a great experience there. They didn’t have the microwave we wanted, but they did have the one that was one step up from it. The salesclerk priced matched another store’s price to give us $50 off! We walked away happy. The microwave will be delivered later this week.

I listed our old kitchen for sale.  It is oak cabinets that have been painted and need a new coat of paint.  No takers yet.  Hopefully by the time they come out of the kitchen someone will express an interest.

Meanwhile our kitchen installer has been over building cabinets and giving us tips on how to survive the occasional extreme weather here – usually hurricanes and post tropical storms. We are woefully unprepared. We have no backup power source or backup cooking source. Something else to think about remedying.

Understandably hooking is taking a back seat in my life right now. But I will get back to it once the dust settles from this renovation.

If you have been, thanks for reading. Have a great week everyone!

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