Hi everyone!  My kitchen is 95% done!  We need to take the new dining area light fixture back and exchange it for a different one. It was too big and the wrong configuration.

Hubby is fixing some drywall the electricians wrecked.  To be fair to the electricians, they didn’t know there was a double stud right where they needed to move some wires.

We have a couple of screw caps to install.  The IKEA kitchen did not come with enough of them.

We want to buy one more IKEA freestanding kitchen “island” to back up to the wall, next to the first one, to hold dishes and cutlery.  The first one holds the microwave.

Last night I cooked our first meal on the new stove with our new cookware. It was nice. We started moving food and equipment back up. We’re by no means done, but we’re not in a hurry.

The kitchen installer is back Saturday morning to check and make sure everything is done, and to be paid. One of our daughters and her husband are coming Saturday afternoon to help us move everything back into the kitchen.

There are a few points to make about this kitchen.  It will double as a dye kitchen, which majorly affected design and finishes.

  • There is no microwave over the stove, so I can dip dye without banging my knuckles against it.
  • There is a preformed laminate countertop to handle all the excess water involved in dyeing.
  • It is a blotchy granite look laminate, instead of stone, because that resists and hides stains better.
  • The sink is 8” deep and the faucet high, to accommodate big dye pots.
  • We went with a high grade, highly cushioned, sheet linoleum floor to handle any spilled water and to provide comfort for prolonged standing.
  • It is very well lit with LED lights, so I can accurately see colours.

We are very thankful for the help we had in this kitchen renovation.  There are some generous tradespeople out there (as well as some not so generous!).  We appreciate the generous ones more than they know.

Thank-you to everyone!

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