Good morning everyone!  Yesterday was a full day…of cooking.

I made cranberry jelly, apple peel and core jelly, red currant jelly, strawberry jam and roasted tomatoes.  I used the Cranberry Sauce recipe from “Out of Old Nova Scotia Kitchens”, as well as the strawberry jam recipe.  The apple peel and core jelly recipe came from .  The red currant jelly recipe is from The Spruce Eats  The roasted tomatoes recipe came from my sister.

In the end the results of Saturday were 6 cups of unsweetened applesauce and 22 cups of vegetable stock.  There’s no recipe for the vegetable stock…just scraps and a lot of reading in general on making stocks.

Unsweetened applesauce is pretty basic.  Just cut up apples, add a bit of water and let simmer until soft enough to put through a food mill.  I peeled and cored my apples to have enough cores and peelings to make the Apple Core & Peeling Jelly.  The apple peeling and core jelly was a bit a novelty and experiment.  The jury is still out whether it has enough flavour.

If you read my Saturday post you’ll know I spent Friday making three batches of kimchi. Two are from a cookbook titled “Summer in a Jar” (Kimchi I and Kimchi II) and one is from a large hardcover cookbook titled “The Complete Book of Korean Cooking” by Young Jin Song.   I made the White Cabbage Salad with Kimchi Dressing out of the latter cookbook, and am letting it sit to ferment until it becomes kimchi.

My daanmooji recipe (spicy pickled radish) came from a previous Korean boarder and can be found here.

That’s it for today. I hope to continue cooking and baking, but we shall see.  Take care everyone!  Thank-you for reading!  Have a great week!

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