Good evening everyone!  While I was away in New Brunswick a family connection asked if I wanted/would take a huge oversize tablecloth and do something with it…seeing as I sew.  I said, “Sure!”, thinking I’d just resize it and gift it back to her.

The tablecloth was handed over in a bag the last evening we were there and I did not have a chance to pull it out and look at it.  I finally took it out of the bag after we arrived back home. It’s drop down gorgeous!  But it is huge!  So big I did not have room for it, even on my studio floor.

Today I took it to a friend’s place for a closer look. She has a huge cutting table.  It still hung almost to the floor on all sides. We measured it.  It’s 8 feet by 9 feet 6 inches. That’s 96 inches by 114 inches. Way too big for any table we know.  Not only that, but it would look weird if I tried to cut into the design to resize it.  So I decided I have to do something else with it.

The original giver of the tablecloth mentioned a duvet cover or quilt. I’m thinking it would make a queen size duvet cover. Lined with a contrasting fabric.  I’m off to measure my queen size duvet!

I do not think this will be a quick project.  I have too much on the go right now to work on this right away. But we shall see.  I will wait until 120 inch wide sheeting goes on sale at the fabric store and proceed from there.

If you have been, thanks for reading! Have a great week everyone!

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