Good morning everyone!  It’s been a busy, but fun week here.  I’m immersed in my favourite activities – cooking, quilting and rug hooking.  I had two new cookbooks arrive from the US, about five months after ordering them. I found it somewhat amusing (and frustrating) to track their progress as they travelled south, then north, then east, finally spiralling out on my location.

In rug hooking I have worked more on the Parker’s Cove fishing shacks.  I have two of the three shacks hooked and am working on the third.

I also had an informative conversation with Susan McCuish Logue about repairing a couple of old rugs I purchased recently.  I took the twill tape off the back of the green floral, only to find a very narrow, raw and fraying, burlap edge underneath.  I’m going to try and serge the edge before attempting further repairs.  Right now I’m working up the courage to do that!

I also went through my yarn stash and found a nice wool that is a perfect match for fixing the whipping on the bigger “wedding rug” on linen.  I’m looking forward to finishing that.

I’ve been allowing myself to be sidetracked by watching past episodes of Quilting Arts TV.  Lots of inspiration and ideas flowing.  There is not enough time in a day for me!

If you have been, thanks for reading.  Have a great weekend everyone!

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