Good morning everyone!  Workshop Week 4 started yesterday. I spent Saturday cleaning up my studio for it and yesterday morning pulling out all my alternative fibres – that is, anything that wasn’t wool – and laying them in colour groups on the floor!  I have a lot.

Why was I doing that?  I was taking a class called Baby Boucherouite by Laura Salamy on Sunday afternoon. I decided I’d do a little Research before class.  I googled boucherouite – a word I’d never heard before Laura Salamy and her rug hooking.

Boucherouite rugs are a type of woven Berber rug created by tribes in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.  They use symbols specific to those tribes. The meaning of the symbols has been lost over the years. Most commonly  Boucherouite rugs contain diamonds, stripes, squares, equilateral triangles, chevrons and similar style shapes in them.

Boucherouites are made from used clothing and are used to protect better quality wool rugs.  They lay the boucherouite overtop.  They are also used as a covering for warmth and as a soft surface for babies to play on.

Laura’s class was fun.  She not only gave us permission to play with fibre and rug hooking, but she actively encouraged using a mixture of material to get “the look”.

I had a relaxing three hours hooking away. I had drawn my pattern on backing Saturday and only needed minor revisions yesterday.  So far I’m pretty pleased with how my boucherouite is turning out.  Thank-you Laura!

Last evening there was a very informative and interesting Panel Discussion on how we’ve continued learning the last 2 years, how we’ve stayed inspired, and how we can improve and promote the craft of rug hooking as individuals and groups.

Today I’m preparing for Yvonne Iten-Scott’s Braided Edge class and Beth Miller’s Personal Landscape class. I have to round up alternative supplies for the braided edge class, as Canada Post is holding my package of supplies hostage less than half an hour away from me, and finish designing and putting on backing my pattern for the Personal Landscape rug.

I am so looking forward to the rest of Workshop Week!  Thank-you to all the instructors!

If you have been, thanks for reading!  Enjoy the rest of your week!

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