One of the unique plants where I grew up was Blue-eyed Grass. It wasn’t very common, and when we found some there was always a bit of excitement from my mother, who studied botany. I loved the straightness of it.  Other plants kind of lazily drifted towards the sun, but Blue-eyed grass shot up like a rocket.  It is not a tall plant, being maybe a foot tall at best. But the single showy deep blue flower on top of the stalk made up for its diminutive stature. 

This stylized version of Blue-eyed Grass was created using wool, silk and nylon on linen backing. There is yarn and cut fabric strips in it. It is hooked using the traditional rug hooking technique of pulling up loops from the bottom of the piece. These loops are packed so tight they stay in place.

Blue-eyed Grass is 7” x 30” and comes with a hanging system. That system consists of an attached hanging sleeve and a dowel rod that hangs invisibly behind the piece.  All you need are two cup hooks to hang it.  It also comes with an artist’s certificate of authenticity.

At $275 CAD, shipping included in Canada, Blue-eyed Grass is on sale.

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