I grew up on the Canadian prairies and spent most of my adult life there. The one thing about the prairies that stood out to me was the vivid sunsets.  This scene is of such a sunset hovering over a field of ripe canola.   The wispy clouds were truly red on the bottom!  It was a gorgeous sunset, and if I had pure gold to hook into it, I would! 

“Prairie Sunset Large” is actually 12” x 24”. Most of my prairie sky pieces are small 6” square pieces. By comparison this is large. It is hooked using the traditional rug hooking technique of pulling loops up from below the piece using a hand hook.  All ends or tails are pulled to the top and clipped even with the hooking.

It is made of wool, silk and nylon, on primitive linen. Some of it is yarn and some fabric. Some is hand spun and some commercial yarn. Most everything is hand dyed.  Though some fibre may be commercially dyed. 

“Prairie Sunset Large” is $300 CAD. It includes free shipping in Canada.  It comes with an artist’s certificate of authenticity, and a museum quality hanging system.

The hanging system consists of a shellacked oak board and hook and loop tape stapled to the board and sewn to the back of the wall hanging. 

Contact me at: jeanottosenstudios@gmail.com for more information or to purchase. 

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