Hello everyone!  A lot has been happening here.

The “Summer” exhibit ended and I took more work up to Visual Voice Gallery for the next two group shows this year.  The Gallery now has a good cross section of my smaller works.  If you are interested in anything smaller than 12” x 12”, feel free to contact the gallery.  I have yet to update my website shop.  That will be happening this week.  It was a fun afternoon, chatting with the gallery owner and getting feedback on various pieces and from her and her clients.  If you are interested in my work, just call and ask.  If she doesn’t have it, I’ll have it here in my studio.

We also had company arrive and leave.  We were a pit stop on the way to see their parents. It was fun to meet their children.

We did have a lot of tree pruning and culling done. A crew of 4 or 5 guys came with chainsaws and a bucket truck with mulcher on back. It took them all morning to beat back the jungle.   There is a lot more sun on the garden now. I’m hoping to plant some understory shrubs below the mature oak, maples and poplars.

I’ve spent a lot of time in the garden too.  We’ve been harvesting peas, radishes, lettuce, beet greens and Swiss chard. I planted more peas and beans just last week. We’ll see how the peas do in the heat.  I planted them in a shade garden essentially, so maybe they’ll be alright.

Hubby helped me put down cardboard and wood chips (the mulch from the trees) between and around the raised bed garden.  We’ll see how it does for keeping down weeds.

Of course, to do all this work in the garden we had to remove the garden netting.  And, of course, as far as critters were concerned it was open season on the garden!  The deer have been browsing the beans.  The blue jays are after the snap peas.  The starlings are digging up my bean seeds.

A robin and flicker were out near or on the edge of the garden today.  I don’t know what they were up to, but they both looked awful guilty!  The robin hopped down from the edge of the raised bed and slunk away with the occasional furtive backward glance.  The flicker stayed so still a couple feet from the bed, hoping I wouldn’t notice him no doubt!

I just shook my head and smiled. It’s a good thing critters are so darn cute!  I may have to cover my beds again until the second planting of peas and beans sprouts.

Aside from that I’ve been working on my large Parker’s Cove piece, updating my inventory, transferring files from my iMac to laptop, and adjusting work for the gallery – new hangtags and new hanging systems.

I’ve been reading a lot of gardening and permaculture books, and watching YouTube videos on the subjects.  I’ve also been watching videos on harvesting and preserving produce and herbs.  We are having a bumper crop of herbs this year.

As most of you who follow me on Instagram know by now, I am no longer on that platform.  I cannot delete my business account apparently, but I have removed all my images save one. I can no longer access my personal account, so if you are someone I know in real life, and you are trying to get a hold of me through Instagram, I suggest you try my business page on Facebook, or send me a message through Messenger.  Otherwise email is best.

To be honest, I found the payback for being on social media to not be worth my time and effort. I will retain Facebook, for now, but I am even reconsidering it. All my information is on this website, as well as this blog. I prefer to spend my time creating, rather than on social media.

That’s it for this week!  If you made it this far, thanks for reading!  Have a great week everyone!

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