We had a wonderful trip visiting family and friends in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick this past week.

While in Moncton, i took the opportunity to visit with Lucy Richard of the Wooly Mason Jar dye system.  I dropped off some gifts for her gift baskets and had a good time talking shop.

We continued on to Fundy National Park Tuesday afternoon. We checked into an AirBnB and visited family in the Park for the evening.  The next day we had an interesting time hiking Matthew’s Head Trail with everyone.   The trail was quite slippery and muddy with lots of tree roots and rocks.  It had rained the day before.  While I found the trail challenging, the views were magnificent!

We discovered Kelly’s Bakery in Alma and their World Famous Sticky Buns.  We took some fresh ones to everyone Wednesday morning.

Thursday we left one branch of the family and headed to Moncton again, via Mary’s Point, a bird sanctuary.  There weren’t too many birds there yet. I hear this week they will start to come by the thousands.  We made Moncton by supper time.

Friday we headed out to Saint John along the backroads, with our host driving. We stopped at several covered bridges, even driving on some.

We visited Brent Rourke’s woodworking shop and store outside Bloomfield. Hubby was able to tour the workshop while the rest of us did some shopping.

We made it to Saint John for a late lunch with more relatives.  Then it was off to the Saint John Art Centre.  There we saw the SAQA exhibit.  I highly  recommend it. Afterwards we checked out the Loyalist Museum and did more shopping

We stopped at a small nursery/vegetable/fruit stand on the way out of town.  The produce was gorgeous!  Strawberries were ripe  They had 10 pound boxes of blueberries.  The prices weren’t too bad either.

The next day it rained.  In between showers I made it to the Art Shack in Moncton.  They had some decent prices on a wide variety of products.  They were backordered on some items I was interested in.  They also had some items on sale.  I was finally able to pick up some white ink pens for toned paper.

I also made it to a combo framing/gift gallery called B Home.  The framers there seem very knowledgeable and skilled.

I also made it to Glass Roots Gallery in Riverview, NB.   There were a wide variety of products available at an affordable price range from artisans and artists from all over New Brunswick.

Sunday we came home

Absolutely no rug hooking or art produced this last week.  But, I did talk to a couple of young ladies about visiting for an arts and crafts retreat.  One wants to learn how to sew clothes.  The other isn’t sure what she would like to learn. We’ll see if anything transpires.

Well that’s been my last week.  The week before that I was hosting company off and on.  I also have a new food dehydrator I’ve been trying out.  Plus my garden is producing and needs constant care and attention   The deer have discovered it…and the earwigs.

I’ve also been canning.  So far it’s Peach Jam, Gingered Zucchini Marmalade and Zucchini Relish.  There’s more to come though.

Well, if you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading!  Have a great week everyone!


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