Hi everyone! I’ve been very busy lately.  I’m working on a channel on the ko-fi platform.  You can check it out here.

Ko-fi is a platform where you can simply follow someone for free information, become a supporter by donating to their channel, become a member of the channel for a monthly membership fee (and receive extra content), and potentially take part in that channel’s community.

What is the content?  At the moment it is mostly videos and blog posts.  I’ve determined I don’t film well!  Despite that, so far I’ve uploaded five videos, and I have another two ready for editing. I am currently taking my From Start to Finish class and putting it up under the Beginner Tier.  I have given public access to “Intro to Rug Hooking – Part 1 – What is Traditional Rug Hooking?”.  However a Beginner Tier membership Is required for the rest of the series.   I will be posting the rest of the series this coming week. Plus I have uploaded videos on finding fibre to hook and how to prepare fibre for hooking.

I have also uploaded a video on one way to finish a hooked rug.  It is under the Beginner Tier.  It is the same finishing video that was on YouTube for a few years and garnered over 34,000 views.  It’s been off YouTube for a few years now.

My Intermediate Tier includes more in-depth videos and videos on other creative topics as well.  To date I have a video on “The Shirt Project”, where I turned many LL Bean shirts and a bit of stash fabric into mementos for the many descendants of the owner of those shirts, once he had passed.  I also have a walk through video of my nature journal.  There will be more videos to come in this level, especially related to rug hooking.

For those rug hookers who are more experienced and do their own dyeing, I have uploaded a video on my Advanced Tier on spot dyeing using multiple colours and syringes.  This is a traditional oven dyeing method.

I will be uploading videos on a regular basis.  I also am planning on  blogging regularly.  Plus there will be fibre and patterns uploaded to the shop regularly.

So keep your eyes open for changes coming up this fall!  If you have been, thanks for reading.  Have a great week everyone!



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